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Disco Tech Breaks - Frequency Fx 2013

Disco Tech Breaks - Frequency Fx by Fabio F
1 - SUBMO - Test Dem
2 - Ascii Disko - Jawbreaker
3 - Peo de pitte - grey tape
4 - NAPT - Baby I Like It vs Wu Tan clan
5 - Savage Skulls - Adrum_Drum
7 - Slyde - Lucky Disco Pants
8 - Avicii - Fuck The Music (Gustolabs Re-Edit)
9 - Rescue - In The Lab
10- Feel Good - Adsorb dub edit
11- Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson vs Breakdown
12- Splitloop - i want you
13- Stanton Warriors - Bodywork
14- freefall_collective_-_renegade
15- Colombo - Keep It Down


Rhythm Violator-Heavy Sun *EXCLUSIVE SET* [TRACKLIST IN DESCRIPTION] by Rhythm Violator - MGR
Aquí os dejo mi nuevo exclusive set,con música de la actualidad del mundo del BreakBeat, siempre queriendo transmitir el mejor rollo,con especial atención a Fran Marchante (FM-3) & Dani Calvo (DaKa), que siempre están ahí apoyándome, también dar las gracias a los productores & artistas que han hecho posible esta sesión: Xisan, Dirty Man, DanielBeat, Dick in Ass, Mastherizers, Twins Break, Barrera, Digital Sounds, DjMrBaby, KL2, X&T, Guitar Beats, BreaksMafia, Dak Flick, Destilux,LBT, y Golden Beats.


1.-INTRO by Mc Freeflow *EXCLUSIVE*

2.-Afrojack feat. Pitbull & Havana Brown - Last Night (DJ 2Live Extended mix) (Dj XiSaN Re- Rub) *EXCLUSIVE*

3.- Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (DirTy MaN Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

4.-Estelle VS Micky Slim - Freak (Danielbeat Re-Drum) *EXCLUSIVE*

5.-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz Thrift (FM-3 Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

6.-Out Of The Cage ( Dick in Ass Mix ) *EXCLUSIVE*

7.-Ridvan - Cirque (DirTy MaN Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

8.-Cayendo (DaKa Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

9.-Perfect Kombo vs Sebjak - Follow Me & Rissa Project (Mastherizers Mashup Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

10.-10A - 136 - Twins Break - Snack (Original Mix) NO EDIT *EXCLUSIVE*

11.-Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - I need your love (FM-3 2Step Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

12.-Krewella - Come & Get (Barrera Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

13.-Delayers, Acti - Fusion (DirTy MaN Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

14.-Digital Sounds - Willy Monfret Rise Of Machines (Mix 2013 ) *EXCLUSIVE*

15.-J -Trick & Reece - Low (Mastherizers Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

16.-Locknar-Getaway (DjMrBaby Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

17.-Daft Punk - Get Lucky (FM-3 Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

18.-Instant Replay (Danielbeat Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

19.-Kayser - Thunder & Lighting (KL2 & Flipside Remix) [Forthcoming on V.I.M Records] *EXCLUSIVE*

20.-7A - 128 - Albin Myers - The Beast (X&T Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

21.-One Day ( Guitar Beats Remix) *EXCLUSIVE*

22.-Virtual Riot - Energy Drink (Barrera Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

23.-Hijo de P****- Tu P**** Madre ( BreaksMafia Remix) *EXCLUSIVE*

24.-Rudebrat - Won T Stop (DirTy MaN & Dak Flick Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

25.-Aggresvines - In My Power (Destilux Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

26.-Hide & Scream - Vitalic ( Golden Beats Re Edit ) *EXCLUSIVE*

27.-9B - 128 - Bodybangers feat Victoria Kern - Tonight (LBT Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

28.-Bombs Away - Drunk Arcade (DaKa Breaks Mix) *EXCLUSIVE*

29.-Gary Caos - Push The Button ( Golden Beats Re Edit ) *EXCLUSIVE*


miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Gira Radio Show On NSB Radio - 17-6-2013

1. PuRe SX aka Martin Flex - Badman Booty
2. -
3. Ed Solo with Sweetsounds - Together feat. Darrison (Electric Soulside Remix)
4. Zombie Robot - Party Jacker
5. Zombie Robot - Move Go
6. DJ Fixx - Wurk It
7. PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz - Another Day
8. Mutantbreakz - Dance Machine
9. Mutantbreakz - Clap ur hands
10. Dr Beats - Get up Funky
11. Mic Check
12. Under Break - Monkey Suicide (Bartdon Remix)
13. Guau - Ear Buster (Original Mix)
14. Aggresivnes - Playing With Fire
15. Bartdon - Give me a break
16. Shockillaz - Lights Around
17. Temazo - Little Things

01 Bumper Clubbing (Destilux Edit)
02 The Crystal Method - Blood Rave (BETA ReWorK)
03 Stanton Warriors - Bring Me Down (feat. Zak Toms) [Bass Mix]
04 Huxtapose vs Sander Van Doorn - Joyenergizer In The Club
05 Atrack feat GTA - Landline (JackBeats Remix & Lunathics2step mix)
06 I Still Love You - Switch (Stanton Warriors Remix)
07 PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz - Seven Nation Booty
08 Virus Horses (Destilux edit)
09 Bootslappaz vs Sneaky Sound System - Booty Pictures
10 Baymont Bross - Boys make it better
11 Funk Blow (Destilux edit)
12 Kid Panel - Beat Goes (Flipside & Stake Remix)
13 Kid Panel - Beat Goes (Stonewash Remix)
14 Temazo - Sweetest Sin (The Brainkiller Remix)
15 Mutantbreakz - Dance Machine
16 Stonewash - Closer Dreams
17 The Brainkiller - Miami (Breaksmafia Remix)
18 Playma - Cuz we are Playma (Winter Face Remix)
19 Aggresivnes - Playing with fire
20 EnterPryse Feat Anastasia & Black- Living Up (Kickflip Remix)
21 The Brainkiller - Sumerio (Colombo Remix)

Static System Podcast Episode 048 Mixed By (Dustin Hulton)

Static System Podcast Episode 048 Mixed By (Dustin Hulton) by Dustin Hulton
Download &rt; static.fm/2013/06/static-syste…st-048-dustin-hulton

Static System Podcast &rt; Episode 048 &rt; Dustin Hulton

01) Dustin Hulton & Nikki Carabello - Moonlight
02) PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz - Another Day
03) Switch - I Still Love You (Stanton Warriors Remix)
04) Ed Solo with Sweetsounds - Together feat. Darrison (Electric Soulside Remix)
05) Dustin Hulton - Mic Check
06) Keith MacKenzie and DJ Fixx - Wurk It
07) Agent K & Curtis B - Til My tape Pops
08) MutantBreakz ft Rubi Dan - Creation (Kid Panel Remix)
09) Krewella - Strobelights (Frenzy & Supa Skip Remix)
10) Stanton_Warriors -_M_P_C_
11) Dubsidia - Shampoo (Dustin Hulton Remix)
12) DJ Fixx and Ill DJ Chris B - Piano Jam
13) Seth Vogt - Never Hide (Kid Panel Rmx)

DJ Beast - BreakFast Mix 2013

BreakFast by Beast on Mixcloud

Download Link http://goo.gl/BxRjK


01. The Wiseguys vs. The Beatles vs. Los Lobos vs. Groove Armada – Oh La La And Shout [DJ Y alias JY]
02. Defkline & PuRe SX – 212 Booty
03. Stanton Warriors – Where's The Beef? (Original Mix)
04. Fisso & Spark – Dynamics
05. Deekline & Ed Solo – Together (with Sweetsounds ft. Darrison – Mutantbreakz remix)
06. Lunathics – Boots Like Jagger
07. Defkline & Red Polo – Too Close (Breaks Mix)
08. C&Z – Oh My God (RE-RUB)
09. Bootslappaz – Who Booty?
10. MJ Cole – Sincere [Elite Force Revamp]
11. Lady Waks ft. MC Manic – Round The Globe
12. Bella – All My Bitches (Original Mix)
13. ilLegal Content ft. Steppastyle – Call Pon Me Phone (Original Mix)
14. PuRe SX ft. Emma Heartbeat & Benzo – Sunglasses (Mafia Kiss Remix)
15. Wahoo – Make Em Shake It (Paul Rosenthal Remix)
16. Kuplay – Blackberry Sucks (Original Mix)
17. Beat Assassins – Vowla (Original Mix)
18. Ed Solo, Deekline, Million Dan – Reload (Original Mix)
19. The Brainkiller – Cockroach (Original Mix)
20. Freefall Collective – Renegade (Original Mix)
21. Mutantbreakz – Sexy (Original Mix)
22. Geon – Live Plastic (Colombo Remix)
23. Placenta – Ghetto (Dr Beats Remix)
24. REL1 – Stormchasers vs. Fall Into The Sky Mashup VIP
25. JDouble & Noey – Grand Prize (UFO Project Remix)
26. Stanton Warriors – MPC (Original Mix)
27. DJ Hero – Just Blow (Original Mix)
28. Zinc – Nexx Up (Se7en Deadly Breaks Edit)
29. Disclosure & Sam Smith – Latch (Mafia Kiss Edit)
30. Beatslappaz vs. IamSu! & Wiz Kahlifa – Goin’ Up
31. UFO Project – I'm Gonna Get You (Original Mix)
32. Kuplay – Set Me Free Original Mix
33. > Defkline & Red Polo – Use Somebody
34. Juxtapose – Walking Away
35. Deekline – JZ In Paris Original Mix
36. Juxtapose vs. Modjo – Booty Lady


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A Sound Defined 06 Wardian 2013

A Sound Defined 06 Wardian by Thirdlevel Track Listing:
1. Wardian - Fat Side
2. Breathing - The Brainkiller & V. Aparicio (Bootleg)
3. Wardian - Discotrunk
4. Blaster Plan - Pigs and Bitches
5. Wardian - Angels
6. Adrenalinez - Away
7. Sockdroid - Screws (Wardian VIP Mix)
8. Wardian - Fun Funk
9. The BrainKiller - Beyond
10. Alt-a - The Ripper
11. Bad Taste - You Rip
12. Stakvto - Provoleta
13. The Brainkiller - Sumerio (Wardian Remix)
14. Funndication - The

Funndark Bio:
Funndark Records is a label created from creative and original concept of breaks music,always thinking in make listening more funny and easy. Mixing the most weight grooves with fresh lines, funndark get a perfect feeling connections, at the same time taking great acceptance in break fans.

Funndark Records is always diferent, diferent proyects, diferent ideas, diferent sound,playing with the versatility of the music and imagination.

Wardian Bio:
Born in Málaga, Spain Wardian was immersed from a young age in blues music, Rock and Pop. At the young age of 12, his father bought him his first electric guitar. After a few years of learning Wardian joined a heavy metal group called Orion, and dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort to get gigs. After a number of years Wardian decided to take a solo route; starting to pay attention to electronic sounds and more specifically his interest was captivated by drum & bass. Listening to radio programs such as World Evasion, Wardian began to get involved and investigate more into breakbeats, and this led him to buy his first computer in 2000.
As Wardian was learning the techniques of turntables, he was filling his record crates with top vinyl from great artists of the time. Immersing himself into the breakbeat world, Wardian adeptly satisfied promoters which led him to play several music festivals, as well as several performances at nightclubs in Málaga. Not happy with the fact of mixing music of other artists and wanting to make his sets totally personal, Wardian decided to try to create his own tunes.
Initially his production software was the playstation. Then came Dance e-jay, later Reason and Ableton, and finally Wardian decided to work further with Fruity Loops. After a contest for young producers, Wardian remixed "Crazy" by "The Brainkiller," with which came a musical rapport that coincided in their own musical tastes. From this moment on, The Brainkiller deposited all his knowledge and support in Wardian, making him debug his technique and develop in production.
The production of his own themes began to prove a massive success, and Wardian then decided to send some demos to "Dj Rasco," representative of the Breaks scene in Spain, as well as introducer of the Tear Out movement in his country, and owner of the seal "Selecta Breaks." This alliance led to Wardian selling vinyl on the market.
The impact and acceptance of this artist was most-decisive after the launch of his first works in the stamps Selecta Breaks, Tortured Breaks, and Cyberdimension. Wardian began to come to light….
With interest from around the world for his current label, Funndark Records Wardian enjoys support from the likes of The Crystal Method, BBC Radio 1, Freq Nasty to name just a few.
Social Media:

You can purchase any of the tunes from 'Funndark Records at Beatport.
Thanks again Wardian!!!
Turn it up,
Crank iT

Mafia Kiss - Stanton Warriors Podcast #9


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Feel the beat - (FM-3 Sesión) [TRACKLIST COMING SOON]

Feel the beat - (FM-3 Sesión) [TRACKLIST COMING SOON] by FM-3
Bueno amigos, por aqui os dejo una sesión mas en la cual he intentado transmitir el mejor rollo posible y que vaya repleta de actualidad, ya que aunque lleve hecha mas de una semana, no la he podido subir hasta ahora, espero que os guste y ya de paso comunicaros que no subiré sesiones con la frecuencia que lo hacía hasta ahora, un saludo y disfrutadla!

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KL2 - Rhythm & Breaks Selection 052

KL2 - Rhythm & Breaks Selection 052 by KL2
01 - UFO Project - Massive Dynamics
02 - Kristy - Hands High (Frenzy Re-Bounce)
03 - Gustolabs - Best Around (Detach Remix)
04 - Freefall Collective feat. Rubi Dan - Ganjaman (Deekline's Swagger Jackin' VIP Mix)
05 - Mutantbreakz - Radio Station
06 - Kuplay - Fuck U (Kid Panel Remix)
07 - Javi Mula - Come On (KL2 'Get The Fuck Up' Breaks Mix)
08 - CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Lo IQ? Remix)
09 - KJ - Better Way (Tweezy Breakz Edit)
10 - The Juice Squad vs. Praga Khan - Rave Alert (The Juice Squad Reload)
11 - Se7ven Deadly Breaks - Superman (VIP Mix)
12 - Tripwave - OMG Techno BBQ (Break Mafia Remix)
13 - Thec4 - Tribal Identity
14 - Doctor Werewolf - Lasercat Rocket Attack (KL2 'Crazy' Breaks Mix)

Martin Flex aka PuRe SX @ Dirty Bass - Nizhnevartovsk, Russia - 18/05/2013 "FREE DOWNLOAD"

Martin Flex aka PuRe SX @ Dirty Bass - Nizhnevartovsk, Russia - 18/05/2013 "FREE DOWNLOAD" by PuRe SX / Martin Flex
Martin Flex aka PuRe SX @ Dirty Bass - Night Club Hummer, Nizhnevartovsk, Russia - 18/05/2013 "FREE DOWNLOAD"

For all DJ Booking enquires, please email: martin@ratrecords.info

Enjoy and feel free to share this free download...

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Twitter: http:/www.twitter.com/martinflex

Track Listing: -

1 Nu Jam - Shoulder Lift (PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz Mix) "Exclusive Promo"
2 Deekline & Ed Solo ft Million Dan, Kidd Money & MC Flipside - Number 1 Champion (Mike Delinquent Project Remix) "Exclusive Promo"
3 Deekline - Groove Thang "Exclusive Promo"
4 PuRe SX feat Emma Heartbeat - Sunglasses (Keith MacKenzie and Fixx Remix)
5 Deekline - Good Life "Exclusive Promo"
6 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion, DJ Icey & Curtis B Smash) "Exclusive Promo"
7 PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz - Seven Nation Booty "Exclusive Promo"
8 PuRe SX & Deekline - 212 Booty
9 Freestylers - Ruffneck (Mafia Kiss Remix) "Exclusive Promo"
10 Laidback Luke - Pogo (Deekline Remix) "Exclusive Promo"
11 Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx - Big Booty Girls
12 Curtis B - Get The Picture "Exclusive Promo"
13 DJ Hero - Just Blow
14 Crywolf - The Moon Is Falling Down (Curtis B Remix) "Exclusive Promo"
15 Kathy Brown, Sol Borthers - Turn me out (Frenzy's Dirty South Makeover)
16 DJ Fixx and Ill DJ Chris B - Feelin Hood "Exclusive Promo"
17 DJ Fixx - Throwback
18 PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz - Let Me Go (Booty Down) " Demo Version! / Exclusive Promo"
19 Deekline & Ed Solo - Get Down (Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx Remix) "Exclusive Promo"
20 Bella - All My Bitches
21 PuRe SX & Mutantbreakz - Another Day
22 Friction & Skream Ft. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan - Kingpin (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
23 Will Streetwise - Pass Out
24 Deekline & Ed Solo - I Need a Dolla
25 Ed Solo & Deekline - Champion Lover
26 Dj Concept - Ghost Town
27 Jinx In Dub - Amen In Session
28 Deekline & Ed Solo - Bad Boys
29 JFB - Five On It