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The Armory Podcast - 020 - PuRe SX (aka Martin Flex)

This week in The Armory we're stoked to be featuring London's PuRe SX (aka Martin Flex) as recorded live from the Reporter Club in Kaliningrad, Russia on January 18th. Press play. Get down.

PuRe SX (aka Martin Flex) is one of the freshest names on the booty breaks scene, a producer who knows how to drop the 808 boom and send the bodies flying around the room. Blasting out of the thriving UK underground since 2008, he currently DJs all over the world from Florida to Spain, Russia to London and beyond.

Famous for low end terrorism in the form of his smash hits 212 Booty and Link Up alongside Deekline, as well as his recent bangers Sunglasses and Lift off the Roof, PuRe SX has picked up support for his music from all the top names on the scene, from Deekline to Stanton Warriors, Ed Solo to Lady Waks and Krafty Kuts to the Freestylers. Here is a producer and DJ with the skills to lock down the club for as long as he's on the turntables: a true original with an arsenal of floor-shaking weapons to get those hands up and keep them there 'til the break of dawn.

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DJ Hero - Ground Level Winter Mix, 2014

01. Fat Boy Slim, Riva Starr feat. Beardyman - Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix, DJ Hero Re-Rub)
02. Don Diablo, Cid feat. Too Kool Keith - Prototype (DJ Hero Re-Mash)
03. DJ Icey - Freaky Stuff (Original Mix)
04. Firebeatz, Schella - Wicked (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
05. Rocket Pimp feat. Marie L - You Don't Know Me (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
06. Molecule - Disco Slut (Curtis B Remix)
07. DJ Icey - What You Know (Original Mix)
08. DJ Hero - Sucka' Beats (Original Mix)
09. DJ Hero - Comfort Zone (Original Mix)
10. DJ Icey - Dip It Down Low (Original Mix)
11. DJ Hero - Page 136 (Original Mix)
12. DJ Hero - Highsider Amplifier (Original Mix)
13. Empire of the Sun - Alive (Zedd Mix, DJ Icey Booty Bass Re-Rub)
14. DJ Hero - Don't Stop, Shake That (Original Mix)
15. Major Lazer - Original Don (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
16. Keith Mackenzie, Curtis B - One Time (Original Mix)
17. Keith Mackenzie, DJ Fixx - Undrgrnd (Original Mix)
18. Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway - Wizard (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
19. DJ Hero - The Big Room (Original Mix)
20. Deorro feat. Skyzoo - Let's Go Dechorro (DJ Hero Re-Mash)
21. Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night (DJ Snake Remix, DJ Hero Re-Rub)
22. The Prodigy, Botnek - Warriors Feel It (The Loops Of Fury Bootleg, DJ Hero Re-Rub)
23. DJ Icey - Purple Keys (Original Mix)
24. K7 - Come Baby Come (DJ Hero Remix)
25. DJ Hero - Just Blow (VIP Mix)

DJ RASCO - Bye Bye 2013 Parte 001 (7 Horas DJ SET)

Hola a todos,

Tengo el enorme placer de presentar mi última sesión de 7 horas la cual he titulado BYE BYE 2013. Un largo recorrido a través de 365 días, plasmados en 420 minutos y compuesta por 115 temas. Este set recopila parte de los mejores temas del ritmo roto de este pasado 2013 bajo mi criterio musical.

Esta idea nace con un único objetivo, que no es otro que hacer llegar nuestro sonido a todas esas personas que han dejado de escuchar BREAKBEAT. A esas personas que no conocen a los nuevos productores, sellos y que dicen que este estilo musical está muerto. A esas personas que han dejado de asistir a los eventos porque creen que ya no está de moda. A esas personas que están por su amor al estilo por su pasado y no por su futuro. A esas personas que siguen sin comprar un sólo MP3 y piratean el trabajo de personas humildes. ESTAMOS MAS VIVOS QUE NUNCA!

Quiero agradecer a todos los productores que se dan cita en este trabajo, gracias por este año lleno de buena música, en el que os deseo un feliz 2014 lleno de muchos éxitos musicales. Agradecer a todas las personas que están y siguen a pesar de los pesares. A toda la familia del Breakbeat mundial por tanto esfuerzo, hoy mas que nunca grito esta frase… BREAKBEAT WILL NEVER DIE! Esta sesión se la quiero dedicar a las personas que siguen creyendo en mi, a mi familia, a mis amigos de verdad, a todos mis seguidores y a todos los que siguen creyendo y luchando.

Recuerda, si te gusta este trabajo… COMPÁRTELO, es gratis y el estilo te lo agradecerá. Por los sellos discográficos, por los productores, por la música. El año que viene volveré nuevamente con una nueva edición y lo mejor del año.

Hi everyone,

I have the big pleasure to present my last 7 hour session entitled BYE BYE 2013. A trip along 365 days enclosed in 420 minutes. This session presents the best 115 Break Beat tracks of the past 2013 under my musical criteria.

This idea was born under the aim of reaching all those people who left aside this music, those who don´t know nowadays labels, producers, and those who still say that this music is dead. It is dedicated to those people who don´t come to Break Beat parties because it is not fancy anymore, those who gave their love in the past and they don´t give it anymore; those who don´t buy MP3s and pirate the work of tons of humble artists. WE ARE ALIVE MORE THAN EVER!

I want to thank all producers who gather in this matter, thanks for the past year full of great music, where I wish a happy 2014 full of big success. I want to thank all people who are still there despite all. Thanks to the Break Beat family around the world for all the energy invested, today more than ever.... BREAK BEAT will never die! This session is dedicated to those people who still believe in me, to my family, my truly friends, my fans, and all those who still believe and work for this scene.

Remember, if you like this work, share it, it is free and the scene will thank you. Next year I will come back with a new edition and the best compilation of the year.



001. BreaksMafia & Gustolabs fea. Andre Jalil - Get Louder (Quadrat Beat remix).
002. Refracture - Burn It Down (Original Mix).
003. Beatslappaz - Let's Go (Original Mix).
004. Outer Kid - Speed Cola (Original Mix).
005. BBK & A.S. Beat - Bussa Move (Beatsmack remix).
006. Sound-Beach & Destilux - Cumshots Girls (Original Mix).
007. kuplay - Trendsetter (Original Mix).
008. M.E.L.T. - Dirty Sex (Detach remix).
009. Dirty Kicks - Let's Keep It Movin (Original Mix).
010. Blaster Plan - Conscience (Detach & Placenta remix).
011. THB - 202 (Original Mix).
012. The Hill Rockers - Bleep Me (Quadrat Beat remix).
013. Bassxiac - Brought Me Here (BreaksMafia remix).
014. Quadrat Beat - Let's Move (Original Mix).
015. Dr.Beats - Want To Move (Original Mix).
016. Temazo - Little Things (Detach remix).
017. No Hype! - Kill Politicians (BreaksMafia remix).
018. Baad - Cannon Jack (Original Mix).
019. Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (Agressivnes re-dub).
020. Under This - The Drops (Original Mix).
021. Urban Shake Down - Some Justice (Rel1 re-fix).
022. Beatz Projekted - Battleship (Kwerk remix).
023. Beatslappaz - Pump Ya Fist (Original Mix).
024. Arma - Ostem (Original Mix).
025. Quadrat Beat - Good Life (BreaksMafia remix).
026. Agressivnes - My Course (Original Mix).
027. Kid Panel - Sunglasses (Original Mix).
028. Nom De Strip - Techno Saturday (Perfect Kombo remix).
029. Dallean - The Time is Now (Under This remix).
030. Perfect Kombo - Easy Flight (Detach remix).
031. Mystique & Mercer - Here Comes That Sound (Sychosis edit).
032. Under This - Enigma (Original Mix).
033. Michael McNabb - Ready, Set, Groove (Original Mix).
034. Fisso & Sparks - Dynamics (Beatsmack remix).
035. The Brotherbreakz - Muxatela (Perfect Kombo remix).
036. Entheogen - Elevation (Jimmy James remix).
037. Mc Freeflow & Beatslappaz - Take You All The Way (Original Mix).
038. Kwerk - Awol (Direct Imput remix).
039. Quadrat Beat - Broken (Original Mix).
040. Crisbeats - Lucky Day (Beatslappaz remix).
041. Placenta - Ghetto (Detach remix).
042. The Brainkiller - Miami (BreaksMafia remix).
043. Dr.Beats - Distortion (Original Mix).
044. Dr.Beats - Kill Me (Original Mix).
045. Vize fea. BBK - Killin Speakers (Kid Panel remix).

046. Deenk - Move (Original Mix).
047. Ronin8 & Leo Baltazar - Millenium Paranoia (Quadrat Beat remix).
048. Rebel Sketchy - Freq Out (Original Mix).
049. Odissi & Arma - Eternity (Original Mix).
050. Perfect Kombo - Pleasure Bass (Original Mix).
051. Bsd - Total Cucumber (Kuplay re-dub).
052. Beta & Karl Sav - Bk3 (Original Mix).
053. The Crystal Method - Blood Rave (Beta re-work).
054. J.Scott & Imprintz & Kloe - Battlefunk Galactica (Beta remix).
055. Blazer - Pulse (Quadrat Beat remix).
056. Only Shit! - How Many Yeah (Beatslappaz remix).
057. Bad Tango - Analogue Hedgehod (Beatsmack remix).
058. Ufo Project - Play Me (Original Mix).
059. Youthful Implants - Missing (Original Mix).
060. Aggresivnes - Defects (Freeflow 45 remix).
061. Beta - One (Original Mix).
062. Retroid & Krum - Odds (Original Mix).
063. Quadrat Beat - Blink & Wink (Original Mix).
064. Orbital - Chime (Sketi Breaks Edit).
065. Deenk - Shut (Original Mix).
066. Deenk - Zombie Nation (Original Mix).
067. Colombo - Nu-Skooling (Original Mix).
068. Yankee - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix).
069. Vize feat. BBK - Killin Speakers (Temazo remix).
070. Quadrat Beat - Resurrection (Original Mix).
071. Riggers - Electronic Machines (Seth Vogt remix).
072. Colombo - Music for my soul (Original Mix).
073. BreaksMafia - Psychokinesis (Original Mix).
074. Tony Lizana - Pooty Shake (BreaksMafia remix).
075. Colombo - Drop It (Original Mix).
076. Dog Blood - Next Order (DirTy MaN re-dub).
077. Chrizz Luvly - ????? (The Makers Breaks & DirTy MaN re-dub).
078. Leuce Rhythms - Creatures Features (Arma remix).
079. Baseface & Arma - Sparks (Original Mix).
080. Under This feat. Goldillox - Shine Down (Seth Vogt remix).
081. Seed - Keep Dancing (Freefall Collective remix).
082. Kuplay feat. Playmore - Never say no (Original Mix).
083. Took & Aateks - First Bits Of A Freak Show (Blazer remix).
084. Blazer - Skill Chyper (Original Mix).
085. Sonek - Def Wild Styles (Kwerk remix).
086. Colombo vs Azzido Da Bass vs Stanton Warriors - (Funk Me - Rueda Mashup).
087. The Brainkiller - SuperClap (BreaksMafia remix).

088. Quadrat Beat - Make You Dance (Original Mix).
089. SchoolBoy - Aftershock (Aggresivnes re-dub).
090. Ils feat. Jewels Lindt - Still Crazy (Under This remix).
091. Enterpryse - Weekend Summer (Original Mix).
092. Aggresivnes - Electric Dream (Original Mix).
093. Under This - Hands On You (Original Mix).
094. Wardian - Lobo (Guau remix).
095. Tony Lizana - Bio (Guau remix).
096. Necro - Genoma (Under This remix).
097. Viper X - Inglorious (Original Mix).
098. Aj Mist + Red Ant - Dune (Too Dusty remix).
099. Disco's Over - Rainbows (Deformaty remix).
100. Baseface - Rat Catcher (Under This remix).
101. Shockillaz - Groove Me! (Seth Vogt remix).
102. Blacklist - Mind Games (Guau remix).
103. Under This - Inside In Your Head (Original Mix).
104. Aggresivnes - Acid Sugar (Original Mix).
105. Enterpryse & Deenk - Impossible Is Nothing (Beatsmack remix).
106. Enterpryse - Sand Of Love (Eshericks remix).
107. Gena Volgarev - Nezhdan (Deformaty remix).
108. Unknow Artist - Wake Up L.A. (Rel1 re-rub).
109. Under This - Take You Back (Original Mix).
110. Under This - Euphoria (Original Mix).
111. Aggresivnes - Young Soul (Original Mix).
112. Justin OH - Sinsa (Eshericks remix).
113. Unknow Artist - Railgun (Rel1 re-dub).
114. Four Motion - Symphony of Hell (Original Mix).
115. Brian Cameron - Serotonin Syndrome (Eshericks remix).

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Orebeat @ 26 Years !

Collection of my favorite tracks of all times!

I hope to be of your liking !

Manki 'n' Stieb - Breakbeat Romania's Goodies for Electrocord (Exclusive Mix)


Proiectul Manki 'n' Stieb este format din Victor Bilegan si Catalin Alexandru si este destul de fresh. Adica se apropie de al 6-lea an de existenta oficiala. Neoficial este ca totul pleaca de la mania comuna, pe care Victor si Catalin o manifestau pe la petrecerile organizate intre prieteni si anume aceea de a monopoliza muzica.

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01 Myselor - It Don't Mean A Thing
02 Koan Sound - Risky Endeavours
03 Bro Safari - Scumbag (RSK Glitch Edit)
04 Prodigy/DJ Shadow/Irn Mnky - I Gotta Rokk (Stereo:Type Refix)
05 Dj Axe - Overcast (Chilled Glitch Mix)
06 Amb - Duck Club
07 Ghetto Funk Icons Vol.3 - Rocker's Rock (JFB & Mr. Dero Remix)
08 Dancefloor Outlaws, Defkline, Red Polo - Spinning Wheels
09 Dancefloor Outlaws, Defkline, Red Polo - Power Boots
10 Ghetto Funk Icons Vol.3 - Beat It (Beatsmith & LaFunkt Remix)
11 The McMash Clan - Swing Break (Pickster's Gotcha Money Edit)
12 Mashed Up Funk -Ica Hall
13 Dj Craze - Selektah Vip (Raj Marathe ReRub)
14 Baauer - Harlem Shake (Philly Blunt Trapsition Edit)
15 Benny Benassi vs RL Grime - Satisfaction (L-Train Bass Edit)
16 Dj Icey - Everytime The Beat Drop (Original Mix)
17 Danny Unkut - Thru-Static (The Hustle Remix)
18 Wiley & Chew Fu - Take That ( Je Boogie remix )
19 Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom (Frenzy Breaks Edit)
20 Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Nervo -The Way We See The World (Flick-A Remix)
21 Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Mafia Kiss 16bit-Bounce)